16 October 2006

God's Love & God's Justice

Taken from Athanasius Contra Mundum

What makes the saints who they are is that they have an extraordinary awareness of their standing, which is the rare balance between God's love and God's justice which in history become such a problem in the Church. In certain periods of Church life there is too much focus on God's justice, although not to the point that is caricatured by moderns. Today there is the opposite problem. Everyone wants to hear about God's mercy, and how it is okay that they committed mortal sins, and broke God's law, and how it doesn't matter because God is merciful. Yet they forget that God is also just, and a great many priests and so-called "catechists" do the faithful a great disservice by excluding teaching on the doctrines of purgatory, and temporal punishment for sin, and the need for penance.

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