26 September 2006

Lost in Translation

Post Communion (Prayers after Communion) for the 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

What is heard in Mass...
Lord, help us with your kindness. Make us strong through the eucharist. May we put into action the saving mystery we celebrate. (ICEL 1973 Translation of the 1970 Missale Romanum)

The Prayer as it is in Latin...
Quos tuis, Domine, reficis sacramentis, continuis attolle benignus auxiliis, ut redemptionis effectum et mysteriis capiamus et moribus. (2002 Missale Romanum)

A Literal Translation from the Latin...
Kindly raise up, O Lord, with unending helps, those whom you renew by your sacraments, so that we may grasp the effect of redemption both in the sacramental mysteries and in conduct of our lives.

For more commentary: WDTPRS

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