5 October 2006

Pope Benedict XVI: Jesus Can't Be Understood at Just One Level

Courtesy of Zenit

"We must never lose sight of either of these two elements," the Pope said at the general audience today, "since if we only proclaim the heavenly dimension of Jesus, we run the risk of making him an ethereal and evanescent being, while if we only recognize his concrete role in history, we run the risk of neglecting his divine dimension, which is his proper description."
"Our knowledge of Jesus is in need above all of a living experience: Another person's testimony is certainly important, as in general the whole of our Christian life begins with the proclamation that comes to us from one or several witnesses. But we ourselves must be personally involved in an intimate and profound relationship with Jesus."
"Jesus," the Pope said, "is the extraordinary one, to whom each one of us is called to consecrate his life and death."

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