2 December 2006

Compendium to the Cathechism

I just happened to walk into Carlo Catholic Bookshop today following my visit to the Adoration Room in the Church of St Peter & Paul. To my surprise I saw a reduced sized version of the Compendium to the Catholic Church retailing for S$7.00. The cover is the same as the UK version with a red border, as opposed to the US one that has a green border.

Seems the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei has published a Compendium for this region as well. Many thanks to the Malaysian Catholic weekly, The Herald, for the effort. Thank you for making the Compendium cheaper in this region and making available an official publication with Latin-English Prayers.

Being 2/3s the size of the US one, this version is much more portable. And no worries about the font size, its still bigger than the US one. All this done with only a marginal increase in thickness. Couldn't resist getting my hands on it, even though I already own the US version. Alas for my impatience.

Note: If you're wondering, yes the Compendium printed in India is even cheaper.

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