6 January 2007

Some Personal Updates…

* 15-16 Dec 2006 was the discernment retreat for potential new Ex-Co members for the Campus Ministry. Its strange to voice out to expect a circumstantial call and it comes almost a few moments later and repeats itself on the next day. Long story short, the Cross is taken up.

* 20 Dec 2006 marked the first ever Classical Roman Rite Mass that I have ever attended. Some people assume that to participate in a Mass one needs to know the language. Well the experience that I had was quite to the contrary really. I suddenly started while the Lessons of Isaiah for Ember Wednesday were chanted in Latin. This was at St Joseph Church, which is one of the best preserved Churches in Singapore.

* 21 Dec 2006 was the second time I attended a Classical Roman Rite Mass and it being the Feast of St Thomas the Apostle, it was a grand celebration with polyphony. The sermon covered the subject of the interior life which was seamlessly linked to the doubt of St Thomas as to the occurrence of the resurrection and his subsequent faith in his belief of the Assumption. Prior to Mass, I also went for confession offered in the Classical Rite. Made some mistakes like signing myself too early and thanking Father too early, but the spiritual direction given was just wonderful. The significance of what penance I had was also explained to me.

* 22 & 23 Dec 2006 attended Mass at the Opus Dei centre. Somehow I just felt the huge contrast between the Missal of Paul VI and the Missal of Pius V. In Classical Roman Rite, the Mystery of Faith is just there. In the Novus Ordo, sometimes it takes a bit more effort to realise.

* 25 Dec 2006 was at the later Mass in Holy Cross. The choir sang 1 verse of the Adeste Fidelis in Latin before doing the English for the Communion Hymn. The Recessional Hymn was Angel we have Heard on High. My mind was buzzing with how to include Latin for my campus Opening Mass.

* 1 Jan 2007 being the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God, the Carmelites were having their renewal of vows for their Novices. The Carmelite Fathers turned out in full force and the Roman Canon was used. Unfortunately some forgot their albs, and by rights they were not supposed to concelebrate.

* 5 Jan 2007 marked the Opening Term Mass as well as the Commissioning of the New Ex-Co. Its rather strange to be the author of the Commissioning Prayer and to be commissioned in it. Kneeling down and being led in an adapted ‘Litany of Humility’ was spiritually significant as is the putting of the cross around ones neck. Unfortunately, during the Mass glass chalices and patens were used.

As a result of being in Campus Ministry, posting on this blog would be much slower.

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