16 February 2007

One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

The Latin phrase that you see at the start of the clip is "In principio erat verbu, et verbum erat apud deum et deus erat verbum". This comes from the Gospel according to St John and in English it means "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (Jn 1:1)

The background music that you hear is from the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack. Both 'Fog Bound' and 'The Medallion Calls' are used.

At the end of the clip the following are the lines used...
"Urged by faith

we are obliged to believe
and to maintain

that the Church is

holy Catholic
and apostolic.

We believe in her firmly

and we confess with simplicity that outside her there is neither salvation
nor the remission of sins,

as the Spouse in the Canticles proclaims:
"One is my dove, my perfect one".

ONE. "

"One is my dove, my perfect one is but one" is found in Canticles of Canticles (Song of Songs) Chapter 6 Verse 8.

(Special Thanks to Fr Laurent Demets of De Fide Catholica for posting the clip)

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