28 March 2007

Cover Letter for Motu Proprio Ready?

[Taken from Closed Cafeteria]

The German newspaper Die Welt (The World) considers the motu proprio a given. Here my translation:

The Pope from the country of Luther is standing up passionately to that leaden insistance on the status quo, which paradoxically, in Rome and the rest of the Universal Church, is not conservative, but a clinging to the liberal zeitgeist of the past 40 years.

The test of power has boiled down not to personnel decisions but to a passionate dispute over the old rite that had been banned by reformers with him and a large ideological wing in the Church. Now Benedict XVI. is liberating the honorable old liturgy, which Pope Paul VI. had abolished and replaced with the stroke of a pen that has no parallel (after it had developed throughout centuries). In this decision he has not allowed German and French cardinals and bishops to sway him.

He is said to release the Old Mass from the until now necessary - and restrictively handled - consent of the local bishop, when at least 30 people ask for it. It is the sovereign revision of a cultural revolution that the Pope has undertaken, without being distracted, for two years.

An accompanying letter to all bishops has already been prepared. The matter has been decided. There will be no "system reboot" like with a crashed computer. Benedict XVI. gives back to the Catholic liturgy its original standard, by which the rite of 1969, which had frequently lost its orientation, can measure itself, new and decisively.

WDTPRS Comment: There is speculation about the date of the release. Right now the Pope and the new head of the Italian Bishop’s conference are heavily engaging certain moral issues being hotly debated in the public square in Italy. I am lead to wonder if, given the proximity to Holy Week and the hot debate, he might not wait for a more serene moment to release the Motu Proprio. On the other hand, the Pope has been accused of not wanting to still thing up too much after the famous Regensburg Address and then he makes strong statement about Europe’s continuing desire to kill itself.

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