18 June 2007

Some Bibles and Liturgical Books

Catholic Overstock is selling Baronius Press' Douay Rheims @ 50% off. Its a great offer with one caveat: these did not pass the quality checks and may have some defects like the Cover or spine printing may be blotchy or missing in small areas. Nevertheless they are guaranteed to be complete without any missing pages or chapters.

Liturgical Books
1. I just happened to drop by Carlo Catholic Bookshop in the city today and noticed that they have the fresh print of the Collins Divine Office. They have 2 in stock and are selling it as a set at S$320.
2. Also out of curiosity I was looking for how much an equivalent Divine Office of the Maronite Catholics costs. They call their Divine Office the “Prayer of the Faithful” [Arabic: Salaat l’ Moo’men], because all believers are called to pray the “hours,” not only the religious. However, for laypersons it not obligatory as it is for women and men religious. It comes in 3 volumes and costs US$110. (http://stmaron.org/pubs.html#liturgy) They also have a shortened version called Eye of the Heart which only costs US$5 (http://stmaron.org/mv_pubs.html#3)
3. Looks like Roman Catholic Books is having a wonderful offer for the fresh print of the 1962 Missale Romanum printed by Neuman Press. Its going for US$155 and apparently shipping is included. Elsewhere this is going for around US$310 to US$248 excluding shipping.

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