10 July 2007

atholic Bishops Conference of the Philippine (CBCP) welcomes Summorum Pontificum

[Taken from GMANews.TV, comments mine]
The influential Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) welcomed on Monday Pope Benedict XVI's decree allowing the return of the Latin Mass. [Hurray!]

CBCP president Angel Lagdameo, in a statement, said the permission by the Pope will allow the two forms of the mass - Latin and "new" - will be a factor for unity in the Church. [Yes]

"The two forms will have their way of leading the faithful to the true worship of God in prayer and liturgy; and may even be a factor for unity in the Church," he said. [Which the Holy Father says]

He said the Pope's permission means the "Tridentine" Mass in Latin and in accordance with the formula of the Council of Trent, with the celebrant's back to the faithful may be celebrated as if it were never forbidden. [The Classical Use of the Roman Rite dates to way before the Council of Trent]

The Latin mass, approved by Blessed Pope John XXIII in 1962, was replaced with the "new" mass approved by Pope Paul VI in 1970 after Vatican II.

Lagdameo noted the "new" mass became more popular among the people because it allowed the use of some approved adaptations, including the use of the popular languages and dialects. [But the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not about popularity.]

Now, he said the Latin Mass may celebrated in private masses, in conventual or community mass in accordance with the specific statutes of the Congregation, in parishes upon request of the faithful and under the guidance of the bishop, [The Bishopis the moderator of the liturgy in his own diocese. Still, any Priest may use the 1962 Missal. There would not be a need to involve the Bishop]

"In such Masses, however, the readings may be given in the vernacular," he said. [Hmm... although the Epistles and Gospel is in Latin, before the Priest starts the homily, he reads out both of them in the vernacular. Not really and issue really.]

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