1 July 2007

Classical Roman Rite News Report on TV!

[Taken from Athanasius Contra Mundum]

I love this video, because they show you the glory of a solemn high Mass, the reverence of Sacred Music, and then they show you another video, of some banal children's mass, chalk board scratching music, and altar girls. Then they show you another TLM later, and there are armies of altar boys. What I love too, is how the reporters called the seminary and discovered that Latin has not been offered, and is only now going to offered as an elective!

Contemporary worship and the Traditional Mass really are differences as clear as black and white. Just consider a Mass that begins with those words from the forty second Psalm "I shall go unto the altar of God, who brings joy to my youth", and then another which begins "Good morning everybody". What more is there to say? I've said it all before. Either excellence, beauty, goodness and order matter to you in worship or chaos, mediocrity, vulgarity and banality are perfectly alright.

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