9 July 2007

Juventutem WYD 2008 Latest Info

[Juventutem Australia]
A draft for the liturgical programme is now available.

The information below is provided to the best of our knowledge. Please consult regularly for any updates or changes.


Information on registration will appear shortly. Please note that in addition to the WYD 2008 registration fee, there will be an additional fee for Juventutem as in 2005. There are considerable expenses involved in the planning and organization of the fortnightly programme, but please be assured we are doing all we can to try and keep this fee as affordable for pilgrims as possible


Travel to Australia

It is important that pilgrims from overseas plan to fly into Melbourne on July 8 to give them time to recover from jetlag and settle in, before the Days in the Dioceses commences on July 10. It is therefore advisable for pilgrims to book flights as early as is possible to help ensure arrival on July 8.

Travel between Melbourne and Sydney

Travel will be available from Melbourne to Sydney by coach, rail, and air. However there are some restrictions on rail travel. WIth over 30,000 pilgrims expected in Melbourne, the only feasible travel is by either air or coach. At this stage we plan to transport pilgrims to Sydney by coach on Monday, July 14.

Travel from Australia

Most pilgrims will leave Australia from Sydney, so need to book their outgoing flights from there.


Accommodation in Melbourne

The Archdiocese of Melbourne is intending to billet pilgrims with local families. We however are also pursuing the possibility of housing all Juventutem pilgrims in a school hall or community centre, and in relatively close proximity to the main church.

Accommodation in Sydney

The WYD 2008 Organizing Committee will be arranging basic accommodation for Juventutem pilgrims, however it is too early to give any details yet.


Church in Melbourne (Week 1)

The church in Melbourne is planned to be St. Aloysius', home of the Latin Mass community in Melbourne.

Church in Sydney (Week 2)

The church in Sydney may not be decided until later this year. We have provided the WYD 2008 committee a list of seven possible churches in order of preference. Please bookmark this link for any updates.

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