9 July 2007

Summorum Pontificum & Ecumenism

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If ecumenism has been so good for the Church, if it has done so much for "Catholic-Jewish" relations, why is it that after 40 years Jewish leaders still haven't the faintest idea what Catholic teaching is, and are imbued instead with the false idea that Vatican II changed something, that it created new doctrine concerning Jews?

It is simple, ecumenism, even as practiced by Popes of the last 40 years, blurs distinctions, waters down doctrine, and creates confusion and division. Its goal is to make a false unity in the division. Could it be any more obvious? Clarifying the status of the Mass of Catholic tradition which has one prayer on one day of the year, amidst many prayers made on that day creates utter and complete hysteria and causes Jewish newspapers to print woodcuts of absurd medieval cartoons depicting Jews carrying out occult ceremonies on Christian children. As if it was universally believed then, as if it will be now because of one prayer asking for conversion. Could we have any more sign that ecumenism and dialogue is a failure? (yes, I am going to ignore my spell checker and go back to spelling dialogue the English way rather than the American way absent the "ue").

The proof is in the pudding. By their fruits you shall know them. We can't do anything too Catholic or everyone is offended. It can only be hoped, that the prayers of the Holy Liturgy on Good Friday will be evermore prevalent, and that true unity might be effected, the unity in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, a unity of Jews, Muslims, pagans, etc. who all reject their former errors, and profess Jesus Christ, who is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever, the same even after Vatican II.

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