31 March 2007

Sloppy Indult Journalism

CNS Article - Tridentine Mass: Pope looks for bridge to tradition
"From the outside, allowing the old Mass has been seen primarily as a concession to the followers of the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was excommunicated in 1988 for his intransigence on liturgical and other reforms of Vatican II."

Umm, the excommunication was over the "unlawful episcopal ordination conferred on 30 June last by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre" (Ecclesia Dei, No 1) because it was an act "disobedience to the Roman Pontiff" (Ecclesia Dei, No 3) and constituted a schismatic act because of the "rejection of the Roman primacy" (Ecclesia Dei, No 3). Tsk, tsk.

Addendum: NLM Comments

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